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BBC testing RadioDNS applications RadioVIS and RadioTAG

October 13th, 2011 by jamescridland

Revo Axus with Radio 1Xtra trial slideshow RadioVIS

James Cridland, RadioDNS Project secretary, writes:

I was privileged to visit BBC R&D’s Central London Lab the other week.

Nestling close to Broadcasting House, the team are currently working on RadioVIS and RadioTAG services. I saw the new Revo Axis, which shows off the BBC’s test slides that are delivered over IP alongside the BBC’s DAB transmissions.

A passionate team showed me some of the work they’ve been doing on RadioTAG, which they’ve been working on alongside their colleagues in BBC Audio & Music Interactive, chipset manufacturers Frontier Silicon and commercial broadcaster Global Radio. It was invigorating to see how the team have been working together to produce a simple, straightforward service that works well.

Because the RadioDNS Project is open, anyone can develop applications using the RadioDNS specification. It’s very exciting to see a multi-disciplinary team committed to working together. I’m told the RadioVIS work will be live soon, while the RadioTAG work has just completed user testing and this is currently being reviewed.

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