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Frontier Silicon introduces new features, including RadioVIS, to low cost digital radio sets

James Cridland 13th October 2011

Frontier Silicon announced today the launch of new software for its widely adopted DAB/DAB+ platforms.

This latest release not only brings advanced text and image capability with DL Plus and RadioVIS technology, but also provides a 20% improvement in power consumption.

A key feature of this latest software update is an implementation of RadioVIS that is unique to Frontier Silicon. Part of the RadioDNS hybrid radio standard, RadioVIS enhances the listening experience by using an internet connection to provide graphics and text synchronised with the audio broadcast by the radio station. By integrating RadioVIS seamlessly into its iPhone App, Frontier Silicon has enabled this advanced technology to be implemented in a low cost radio receiver simply by using the screen and IP connection of the iPhone when docked. This release is ready in perfect time to support RadioVIS services already available in Germany and the UK and also the new service from the BBC to be launched this quarter.

“RadioDNS is supported by broadcasters in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific, who recognise the strength of combining broadcast radio and IP in one seamless experience,” said Nick Piggott, Chairperson of RadioDNS. “With Frontier Silicon bringing RadioDNS technology to their customers, we expect to see a wide range of hybrid radios coming to the market in the next twelve months.”

In addition to providing these exciting new features, Frontier Silicon’s latest software also consistently reduces the power consumption of the module by 20% under normal DAB/DAB+ playback conditions. This represents a significant gain in the battery life of products using the technology, further reducing the cost of ownership of portable DAB/DAB+ receivers.

“The major launches of DAB/DAB+ broadcasts we have seen in Germany and Hong Kong over the last few months are evidence of the growing strength of digital radio in the market,” said Steve Evans, VP Marketing & Business Development at Frontier Silicon. “These new developments will allow our customers to take advantage of the benefits that digital radio brings across their product line up, and will bring exciting new radio products to consumers over the coming months.”

DL Plus is an advanced text feature currently broadcast as part of the new national DAB+ service in Germany.

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