Our standards connect broadcast radio and the internet

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Hundreds of millions of radio listeners can enjoy hybrid radio today

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European Broadcasting Union




Combine the strength of broadcast radio and the flexibility of internet connectivity

The RadioDNS Hybrid Radio Standards seamlessly combine broadcast and IP in the connected vehicle to make a better experience of radio for the driver

Implemented in 26 Countries

RadioDNS Hybrid Radio already covers Europe, North America, Russia and Australia

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Enhanced Radio

RadioDNS Hybrid Radio creates new functionality for existing radio broadcasts

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Open Source Technology

All our technology standards are open and free to use

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Creating enhanced radio in connected vehicles today

RadioDNS Hybrid Radio Standards are already used in connected vehicles from Audi, VW, Porsche and BMW, and more manufacturers are incorporating it into their connected vehicle planning. Our standards are supported by major radio broadcasters globally.

We deliver support to our members and broadcast radio implementers


RadioDNS Hybrid Radio can add new functionality to existing radio broadcasts.

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You can incorporate RadioDNS Hybrid Radio functionality into your device for free.

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You can use our technical resources to develop services for RadioDNS Hybrid Radio

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What RadioDNS Hybrid Radio means for you and your listeners

Visual Content

High quality visual content, scaled to fit the listener’s screen, synchronous to the audio; artist photos, news headlines, traffic cams, weather maps and more.

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Station Information

Accurate information about radio stations; correct names, accurate logos, marketing straplines, programme information, and phonetic support for Voice Assistants

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Service Following

Switch easily between broadcast and streaming, keeping listeners for longer. One preset can always find the radio station, regardless of physical location.

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Targeted Content

Deliver targeted content to specific listeners, merging live broadcast audio and targeted content. Recommend relevant on-demand audio that listeners can easily switch and subscribe to.

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Better insight into listening to broadcast radio in the connected car. Get information comparable to streaming logs for you to analyse.

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Technical Support

We make the process of implementing RadioDNS as easy as possible. Our guides are step by step to implementing RadioDNS functionality.

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Members control the direction and strategic priorities of RadioDNS, can attend meetings, create new hybrid radio applications, and have priority access to support and development tools.

What you get as a member

  • Exclusive events, such as our General Assembly and Workshops
  • Voting rights and input into our strategy and steering board
  • Personal technical support
  • Advanced testing and debugging tools
  • Certification to demonstrate your systems are compliant to our standards
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