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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What are the Terms and Conditions of Use of Project Logo assets?

Each broadcaster retains full rights over the assets they provide. We recommend that broadcasters have a Terms & Conditions document referenced on their website, referenced to in a comment in the XSI document, and referenced to using the terms attribute of the serviceInformation element in the SI document. Broadcasters should permit any reasonable use of the assets on a hybrid radio device, and should not require individual licences or agreements from each manufacturer or end-user.

Manufacturers should check the XSI or SI document they have received for Terms and Conditions, and check that their intended use is acceptable.

To summarise: Broadcasters who want to define specific T&Cs should allow any reasonable use on a hybrid radio device, and manufacturers should only use the assets to improve a hybrid radio device.

Q: What does it cost to implement Project Logo?


RadioDNS doesn’t charge any fees of any kind, to either broadcasters or manufacturers, and you don’t need to sign any licences with us. Broadcasters will have to host their SI / XSI files (this can be done on an existing webserve), and ask RadioDNS for DNS entries for their radio station (which is free). Manufacturers need to implement the necessary client in their receiver, but this uses existing simple web-technologies.

Q: Will URLs to Audio Streams be provided?

It’s optional for broadcasters to provide their stream URLs in the SI/XSI files. Some broadcasters will do this, but it was not possible to get agreement for all broadcasters to provide streaming URLs openly, so we weren’t able to make it part of the minimum meta-data requirements.

As Project Logo develops, and broadcasters understand the use case of streaming better, more of the may provide the streaming URLs.

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