About RadioDNS

RadioDNS is the not-for-profit membership organisation that promotes hybrid radio globally, and creates open technical standards for using IP (Internet Protocol) technology alongside broadcast radio (FM, DAB, HD).

What We Do

  • Evangelise about the benefits of RadioDNS Hybrid Radio
  • Create and maintain open technical standards for RadioDNS Hybrid Radio applications
  • Operate a root name server to link broadcast and IP services
  • Enable community support and libraries for developers
  • Work with other relevant organisations such as WorldDAB, HD Radio, RDS Forum

Who We Are

RadioDNS is owned by its members, who are able to influence the direction of the organisation.

Our supporters support our aims, and thousands of radio stations use RadioDNS. Anyone can apply to join RadioDNS as a Member, or become a Supporter.

Find out more

You can read more about how RadioDNS operates in our Policy and Organisation section.