Automotive Workshop V – Bringing Broadcasters and Automotive Manufacturers Together

Broadcasters and manufacturers want to create the very best experience of radio in the car, but don’t always understand how to work with each other.

Each year our automotive workshop (held jointly with WorldDAB) brings broadcasters and manufacturers together to talk frankly and in detail about the challenges of enhancing radio, and how to achieve shared ambitions. This year’s workshop is on Tuesday 11th February 2020 between 14:00 and 17:00 CET.

Space at the workshop is very limited, so we’re inviting applications to be part of this closed-door event. You will have to attend in person at the European Broadcasting Union in Geneva, as there will not be a web conference facility, and we ask that the detail of discussions are not revealed outside of the room. We will prioritise places for broadcasters and automotive manufacturers.

(If the application form is not appearing below, then drop the project office an email –

UPDATE: 30 JAN 2020 – the workshop is currently oversubscribed, so we do not have any places to offer. If you request to attend, we will put you on a standby list, but you should not make travel arrangements.