BMW implements RadioDNS

Nick Piggott 17th September 2019

We’re really pleased to say that BMW are now implementing RadioDNS in their vehicles.

Since July 2019, BMW vehicles have been using our SPI Standard (TS 102 818) to find and update radio station logos for FM radio stations across Europe and North America. That means station logos are being sourced directly from radio stations to show in the dashboard. If you want to update your station logo, just update it on your system, and it will update across all the cars.

RadioDNS is integrated into production vehicles from Audi, VW, Porsche and now BMW. We’re the only hybrid radio system in production vehicles across Europe and North America.

If you’d like to find out more, have a look here. If you’re a broadcaster, a manufacturer, or a technology provider wanting to do more with hybrid radio, we’re here to help you implement our open standards. Email us, or come and visit us at the NAB Radio Show (Booth #151) or TU Automotive (Munich) and we can explain in person.

(If you’re wondering about updating station logos for DAB stations in Europe – BMW use TS 102 818 but updates should be delivered over DAB EPG, rather than IP. That’s their existing update system, but they will keep dual DAB/IP updating under review).

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