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Work with us to develop our new testing platform

Nick Piggott 21st August 2019

We’re here to make sure that hybrid radio works brilliantly using open technology standards. As well as defining the standards, we want to provide the right tools to help people implement them really well.

We already offer our members a testing platform for systems which pull in and use metadata using our standards. If a device / platform passes the testing, it can call itself RadioDNS compliant, which is really important when it comes to selling the service or product.

We’re going to do the same now, but for the systems that produce and distribute metadata from radio stations using our standards. It will help everyone have confidence that their systems are working correctly, or help them debug them if there are problems.

Our testing resources can save hours of tedious debugging, and they’re one of the benefits we offer exclusively to our members. (If you’d like to join, then have a look here).

We’re publishing a specification for what we want the testing platform to do, and we’re inviting pitches from software developers to build it with us. Here’s the briefing document, which explains how to ask questions or send in your pitch. The closing date is Monday 2nd September 2019.

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