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Update on the Standard Terms for Metadata Use

Nick Piggott 12th August 2019

We’re committed to making hybrid radio easy and cost-effective for everyone, and we do that by looking for ways to standardise activities.

Our technical standards define how to discover and transfer metadata from broadcaster to a radio, but they don’t say anything about how that metadata may or may not be used.

To address that gap, we’re also working on a standard template agreement for how metadata may be used. It’s a document that any broadcaster can refer to, and because it’s standardised, a manufacturer only needs to review it legally once.

We need that agreement to describe what the majority of stakeholders would describe as “fair use” or “fair play”.

Additional Consultation

We had a consultation on our initial version, and used that create a new version. You can see that new version, and the changes from the original version.

We didn’t get a clear view from the initial consultation on the issue of liability and warranties, so we’ve issued an additional consultation document (DOCX version) just on those two issues. The consultation closes on Monday 9th September 2019.

Please take the time to read the document and tell us what you think. It could affect how you use metadata for hybrid radio.

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