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Steering Team: Nominations close 14th August

Nick Piggott 17th July 2009

As RadioDNS is a community project, it’s only right that the community should decide how it is run, and to that end we are establishing a small team of around 11 people who will set some direction for RadioDNS. This team will draft the policy for RadioDNS, including the statues for the body, how it might be formed as a legal entity, and how future members might be appointed. We have kindly been offered the services of some experienced people to help inform and guide discussions.

We are asking people to nominate themselves to be considered for this team. To make a nomination you must:

  • Have the support of your company / employer to be involved in the project, and to dedicate around 8 days a year project.
  • Make a commitment to your company joining RadioDNS as a member when the membership structure is agreed (subject to agreement on any membership fees)
  • Agree to your nomination and your company’s support for RadioDNS being made public
  • Agree to participate in a non-partisan way, and in the best interests of the RadioDNS community as a whole.

If you wish to nominate yourself, and you have met these criteria, please send an e-mail to feedback@radiodns.org with the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your company
  • Your position
  • Your company’s main area of activity
  • Supporting information on why you’d be a good person to have on the team, including a bio if it’s helpful
  • Whether your nomination is confirmed, or whether it is tentative, awaiting confirmation from your organisation.

Please make sure we have your nomination by 14th August 2009. If you are unable to make this deadline (possibly because you have to await a decision internally), please make a tentative submission.

We hope to announce the members of the team, which should fairly represent the radio industry globally, in August 2009, with a view to a first (virtual) meeting in early September 2009.