Towards a formal structure

Nick Piggott 16th September 2009

(This is a copy of mail sent on 15-September to the RadioDNS Announcement Mailing List)
Dear RadioDNS Supporter,

I promised you that we would make an announcement today about our RadioDNS Steering Team. I also explained that we’ve been taking experienced advice on how to best undertake this task, to ensure that all the stakeholders are informed and confident that the organisation is properly representative.

In recent weeks, the profile and interest in RadioDNS has grown significantly, and more people have come to us asking about how they can get involved, and use the service. We have also become aware that RadioDNS has been adopted by manufacturers in commercial products.

For these reasons, and having taken advice, we need to change the process and timings for formalising RadioDNS.


As a result of RadioDNS technology being incorporated in devices, we will be publishing the RadioDNS specification and the RadioVIS specification imminently. These published specifications are based on the drafts that have been in circulation for some time, and there are virtually no changes from the drafts you have already seen.

This is to allow all broadcasters and manufacturers the opportunity to implement services and support for RadioVIS against a published specification, rather than a draft specification.

As part of the process of publishing these specifications, we have contacted all the documented contributors, and established that there are no IPR claims in respect of those contributions, although the usual disclaimer applies (and is reproduced in the specification documents) that we have not carried out any IPR searches, and there
may be IPR in existence from other parties.


We want the process of forming RadioDNS to be as transparent and fair as possible. To achieve this, we’re going to adopt a two-stage process towards appointing a Steering Team.

We are going to call a General Meeting of all the interested parties of RadioDNS, including the supporters. This will be a real-world meeting, but also accessible via a web-conference / telephone conference. The likely venue is Geneva, Switzerland.

That meeting will work by consensus and appoint a team of people to draft the statutes. We will recommend that those people who have already put their names forward for the Steering Team put their names forward for that Statutes Drafting team.

The Statutes Drafting team (who will have access to advice) will bring their work back to the General Meeting for ratification.

The Statutes will specify a process for electing the Steering Committee, and this will be the process followed to elect the first Steering Committee, who will complete a full term. Their first actions will be to create the trust model for RadioDNS, determine how the service is to be provided in an ongoing basis, and how it will be promoted.

Our expectation is that this process will be complete by the end of the year.


  • General Meeting date to be announced (likely end of October / beginning of November)
  • Statutes Drafting team selected at that meeting
  • Statutes presented to General Meeting for ratification
  • Election of first Steering Committee

We will circulate the proposed date for the meeting as soon as possible,

Nick Piggott
RadioDNS Project

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