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PURE launches Sensia – first radio incorporating RadioDNS technology

James Cridland 17th September 2009

Pure Sensia - Converged WiFi/DAB/FM Radio with RadioDNS & RadioVISPure Sensia UI with RadioVIS

The RadioDNS project is very pleased to announce that the PURE Sensia, a connected digital radio launched today, is the first radio device to incorporate RadioVIS technology, based on the RadioDNS framework.

The Sensia is able to show IP delivered visual services from many DAB radio stations, including Heart, Galaxy, 95.8 Capital FM and all of Global Radio’s other brands, and national services Absolute Radio, Fun Kids and Traffic Radio

Developers at PURE worked from draft RadioDNS and RadioVIS specifications, and have also contributed to developer discussions.

RadioDNS and RadioVIS is already used by Global Radio in their iPhone and Symbian mobile phone applications, and prototype clients have been developed by the BBC and Global Radio.

As RadioDNS and its associated applications are open specifications, any manufacturer can incorporate the technology in their device, and any broadcaster can provide services. The unique RadioDNS lookup system allows devices to locate broadcaster services automatically, and without any user intervention.

RadioDNS is a community project, with supporters from across the world. The project website is at http://radiodns.wpengine.com

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