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PURE explain why RadioDNS was great for the Sensia

Nick Piggott 19th September 2009

Following on from Thursday’s launch of the PURE Sensia, the first radio to incorporate RadioDNS technologies, we were able to talk to Colin Crawford, Head of Marketing at PURE, about why they chose to incorporate RadioVIS in the Sensia.

Colin said:

Sensia is unique in having a 5.7” 640 x 480 touch screen, and making full use of visuals from radio is a key part of making the product so engaging, particularly for a younger audience. We chose to incorporate RadioVIS because it provides massive flexibility and is relatively straightforward to implement for us and for radio stations, as demonstrated by the fact that we are already seeing RadioVIS slideshow in the UK from Capital, Heart, LBC, Fun Kids, Absolute Radio, Planet Rock, NME, Passion for the Planet and many others, and we are getting expressions of interest from broadcasters in many other countries.

Feedback from broadcasters has been equally positive, with some reporting deployment times for RadioVIS of less than 8 working hours.

A number of third party providers are producing RadioVIS services on behalf of broadcasters, using the ability of RadioDNS to forward requests to a third party to handle (after the broadcaster has given permission).

The project expects to see more broadcasters launch RadioDNS based applications, and more manufacturers supporting the technology in devices, in the coming months.

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