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Nominations for the Statutes Drafting Team

James Cridland 22nd October 2009

I thought it would be useful to clarify what’s happening with Nominations for the Statutes Drafting Team.

We originally asked for people to nominate themselves for the Steering Team, but what we’re asking for now is people to form a team to do one specific task of creating the Statutes for RadioDNS, and put RadioDNS onto a formal footing. We have contacted all the people who put themselves forward originally, and asked them if they wish to be considered for the Statute Drafting Team. Most people have, some haven’t.

The people building and running RadioDNS should reflect the global potential and benefit to broadcasters, so we want to have nominees from as many different territories as possible. If you are interested in being on Statutes Drafting Team, please e-mail feedback@radiodns.org and let us know. If you know good radio people in any country who you might feel is currently under-represented in RadioDNS, please do tell them about the project and encourage them to get involved.

The list of nominations will close on Sunday 1st November 2009, at 23:59:59

We are still planning the detail of the meeting in Geneva on the 10th November, and will post more details here as we have them, including the list of nominees. Thanks again for your patience as we get ourselves organised.

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