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RadioVIS application team announced

James Cridland 28th June 2010

Ben Poor, who is heading up the RadioVIS application team, writes:

Dear All,

I’m pleased to announce that we now have a healthy list of volunteers
wishing to be part of the RadioVIS application team. These are:

  • Chris Gould – All In Media
  • Jason Malaure – All In Media
  • Scott Robinson – The Student Radio Association
  • Kennet Andhersån – CasterPlay
  • Martyn Humphreys – Bauer Radio
  • Phill Clark – GMG Radio

The main aim of the team is to produce a new verson of the technical
specification for the RadioVIS application (currently at 1.0.0). This
should include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Signalling of RadioVIS to support IP streamed stations
  • Consideration of current and future device sizes and profiles

I also hope that the team will go beyond the specification and develop
shared knowledge on the implementation of applications, specifically

  • Running a Stomp server to cope with the demands of different Broadcasters
  • A successful Comet implementation of RadioVIS

I shall nominally be the lead in this, but I see this role as being
the wrangler and collater of thoughts – I shall also be a part of the
team in terms of feeding my own ideas. I’m looking forward to hearing
the thoughts that the team have.

Please note that it is not too late to join this team if you feel a
desire to shape where RadioVIS will be going in the future – although
obviously being an early part of the process is an advantage.

I shall follow this up with communications directly to the team via a
new Google Groups mailing list so that the
discussions are still visible to the wider community.

Many thanks,

Ben Poor

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