RadioTAG team announced

James Cridland 13th July 2010

Andy Buckingham, who is heading up the RadioTAG team, writes:

Following on from Ben’s establishment of the RadioVIS application team
I would now like to announce to the wider RadioDNS development
community the list of members for the RadioTAG Application Team:

James Cridland – Not At All Bad Ltd
André Fatton
Mark Glanville – BBC
Chris Gould – All In Media
Sebastian Kett – Südwestrundfunk (SWR)
David Madelin
Jason Malaure – All In Media
Chris Needham – BBC

As the current documentation for tag is an initial draft specification
the primary focus of the team is to publish a final V1.0 specification
for the RadioTAG application. This will then allow those interested
parties to implement the application from both a client and server

Key areas that need the attention of the team include, but are not limited to:

* Finalising a suitable authentication methodology between client and server
* Finalising the data exchange between client and server

I would also like to host discussions on the potential for different
service providers to share information on tagged events so users can
view tags from one particular service provider on another service
providers platform.

Beyond finalising the specification it would be fantastic to see
members and the wider community develop a shared knowledge on how to
implement the protocol and potentially see some open source libraries
emerge within the RadioDNS ecosystem at large.

As with Ben and the RadioVIS team, I will be leading the discussion
and presenting my own thoughts on the above points but also acting as
a collator of the team’s thoughts. If you would still like to join in
and have your say on RadioTAG then please do get in touch with some
details on why you are interested in taking part and I will do my best
to accommodate you.

This e-mail will be followed with an introduction to the RadioTAG
developers list which is independent of this list. You are free to
observe the work of the team over at

Finally a very special thank you to those new members who have agreed
to dedicate time to this project. I hope we can present back to the
wider RadioDNS developer community a well thought out and innovative
final specification for RadioTAG in a timely fashion.

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