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Absolute Radio: earning money with RadioVIS

James Cridland 16th July 2010

RadioDNS founder Members Absolute Radio have been creating content using RadioDNS technologies since the launch of the PURE Sensia.

Today, they’ve added a blog post to their corporate website with a headline “Universal McCann book a Microsoft Office campaign that includes RadioDNS visuals“.

The article and video contains no more details about the Microsoft campaign, but does contain a useful overview of the kind of content that’s available on Absolute Radio’s RadioVIS feed.

The capability of RadioDNS technologies, like RadioVIS, to earn additional revenues for broadcasters is an important part of the suite of technologies that the RadioDNS framework allows. We’re delighted that adverting agencies and broadcasters alike are recognising the capability of RadioDNS-enabled technology to reach audiences in a more powerful way.

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