RadioDNS at HD Radio Forum

Nick Piggott 15th October 2012

Education and evangelism forms a major part of RadioDNS’ role, alongside our teams creating technical standards and running the DNS servers.

 As the concept of hybrid radio grows in scale, we’re asked to present more often and to more diverse audiences about the benefits of adopting the RadioDNS standards.

I’ve mentioned before that the RadioDNS project, somewhat uniquely, spans the Atlantic, with interest in both the US and Europe, and I recently spoke at an event that highlighted that. HD Radio is the digital radio standard adopted in the Americas, but I joined the HD Radio Forum in Sindelfingen, Germany to talk about hybrid radio to European automotive manufacturers shipping their cars into the US. Even though they’re based in a continent where the digital radio standard is DAB, they need to know what’s happening with digital radio in the US, and how hybrid is coming into the picture.

It was really interesting to see all the activity around digital radio and the car in the US, with some interesting presentations about streaming music services and traffic information provision. RadioDNS’ presentation may not have been a revelation in itself to the audience, but it was certainly powerful to explain that what they may have seen previously in European context is also valid in the Americas too.

As well as doing forum events like the HD Radio Forum, we are also increasingly asked to present to company meetings, where people want to go into more depth and involve us interactively in understanding how they can apply hybrid radio concepts in their business.

We’ve stepped up our education and evangelism a lot in the last couple of months, mainly because Caroline, our new Project Office Co-ordinator has made it possible for us to get more events organised. Expect to see more of us around the US, Europe and Australia in the future, and of course, you’re always welcome to contact Caroline if you’d like someone to talk about RadioDNS at your event, conference, or company meeting.

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