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RadioDNS – how we’ve grown

Caroline Brindle 29th October 2012

RadioDNS launched in 2008, as a collaboration between the BBC and Global Radio with 70 services running in the UK.

By 2010, there were 800 RadioDNS services running in 12 countries. Now in 2012 we have 24 members, 70 supporters, and over 1900 services running in 14 countries –  the UK, the US, Sweden, France, Italy, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Finland, Poland, Belgium, Canada, the Isle of Man, The Netherlands and Austria.

We’re very proud of how the project has grown internationally, and continues to be adopted as more broadcasters understand how easy it is to implement our open technology, and the opportunities it offers to make radio better. As we continue to talk at events around the world about RadioDNS and more stations broadcast our services, we hope that this growth will continue. We rely on our members, supporters and users to promote the project and raise our profile. Can you help us grow further?

We’d love to see examples of how broadcasters are using RadioVIS and RadioEPG – send your pictures or videos here and we’ll publish them on the website. We’d also like to add your station to our list of examples of testing tools – see here for more information, and let us know if you want to be listed. There are currently over 860 services running RadioVIS globally. Just a few examples are shown below.




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