RadioDNS and Radioplayer

Caroline Brindle 9th November 2012

 RadioDNS is really pleased to be a part of the new Radioplayer prototype of a next-generation hybrid radio.

Collaborations like this are important to keep the radio industry moving forward, and it’s hoped that this prototype radio will act as a catalyst for further debate and innovation across the industry.

Michael Hill, Managing Director of Radioplayer, talks here about how the future of radio isn’t FM or DAB or Internet – it’s all of them, working together seamlessly.

RadioDNS acts as the “hybrid glue” between broadcast platforms and the internet, and enables the radio to automatically select the strongest broadcast signal for each station. So if you’re listening on FM, and the signal strength deteriorates, the radio will switch to an internet stream. You can see this process being demonstrated on an HTC One X here.

The Radioplayer prototype radio will be demonstrated at the RadioFestival in Manchester next week, during a session on the convergence between broadcast radio and the internet. Nick Piggott, the Chair of RadioDNS will be at the RadioFestival – get in touch if you’d like to have a chat with him.

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