RadioDNS develops further

Nick Piggott 18th July 2013

RadioDNS has been developing as an organisation since we started talking about Hybrid Radio back in 2008.

It was our Members who got together in Geneva in April 2010 to establish us as a formal Membership Association, and it’s our members who have today voted (at the 7th General Assembly) to develop the RadioDNS Project further, and evolve it into an Incorporated Body.

We’ve elected to become an Incorporated Body (in our case, a Company Limited by Guarantee) because we’ve outgrown what we can do as a Membership Association. Manufacturers are asking to use our trademarks on their products, we’re increasing our investment in the core technology that runs RadioDNS, improving our support response times, and improving the tools and functionality we’re offering developers on-line. It’s time for us to get a bit bigger, reflecting the growing interest in Hybrid Radio.

For the immediate future, things will remain exactly as they are. Caroline is running our Project Office, and we’ll be contacting members as we organise the transition on 1st September.

Most importantly, our Members will remain in ultimate control of the organisation, helping us to help them grow Hybrid Radio.

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