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Australian National Radio Conference 2013

Caroline Brindle 10th October 2013

On October 11th, the National Radio Conference will be held at the Royal International Convention Centre in Brisbane.

Radiofest Banner

This annual conference is a highlight of the Australian commercial radio year, so we’re really pleased that RadioDNS was invited to speak this year.

Nick will be in Brisbane talking about Hybrid Radio, and showing some of the services broadcasters can adopt using RadioDNS technology, like RadioTAG, which can give control and interactivity back to your listener. By pressing a ‘ tag button’ on the radio, in your car or on your smartphone app, any broadcast content is captured, and saved to any compatible device, to be listened to again whenever it’s convenient. This exciting technology is in development, if you’d like to know more, head to our discussion boards.

Car tag button
tag prototype pic

With 90% of cars forecast to be connected by 2020, hybrid radio in the car is a huge area of interest. With help from Visteon, one of our supporters, Nick will be showing how even the  most basic car radios can be connected to a smartphone, which then brings visual and additional content in the car.

visteon-prototype-car-radio-with-appWith RadioVIS

Helping radio into the smartphone is another big concept, and we’ll be talking about how RadioDNS is contributing to an exciting project to standardise integration of radio into the smartphone, and make broadcast radio just like an app.

If you’re in Brisbane and want to have a chat with Nick, email the Project Office.

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