Medientage Munich

Caroline Brindle 17th October 2013

Medientage Munich, the high profile, three day event in Germany, starts today.

The packed agenda encompasses panel discussions, lectures and workshops across all areas of television, radio, internet, print media, politics and much more.
Our  member, IRT, will be demonstrating RadioDNS services in their innovative prototype, the DABberry, which combines DAB radio with the popular Raspberry Pi computing platform. Using a Wifi-connected tablet PC, listeners can enjoy a full, interactive hybrid radio experience with visuals and programme information.

In a session on 17th October at 10.30 (room 11, first floor), VPRT will be exploring who determines the radio agenda, and what challenges and opportunities the future holds for radio. In his presentation “Examples of innovative developments in Radio”, Sebastian Artymiak, Head of Media Technology, will be talking about RadioDNS and the steps VPRT’s stations are taking to implement hybrid radio.

A special edition of Meinungsbarometer will be published to accompany the events at Medientage, and contains an article outlining the uses for RadioDNS, how it can make radio better and how Germany’s private radio stations will be testing the services shortly.

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