RadioDNS in 2013

Caroline Brindle 23rd December 2013

RadioDNS is heading into 2014 full of confidence that hybrid radio is being talked about, implemented and enjoyed by more broadcasters and listeners around the world.


We’re delighted that Germany’s private broadcasters have announced their launch of hybrid radio – combined with the public broadcasters, this brings the total number of listeners receiving RadioDNS in Germany to 46.8m daily.

Next year promises to be even busier – we’ll be exhibiting and speaking at lots of international events including RadioDays Europe, NAB Las Vegas and Broadcast Asia. Do contact the Project Office if you’d like a meeting or a demo of RadioDNS services if we’re in your part of the world.

2014 also sees the first annual RadioDNS conference, which will be held at our General Assembly as part of the EBU’s Digital Radio Week. We’ll be showing some very exciting new developments, and looking at hybrid around the world, in the car and in the smartphone. Please have a look here for more information and don’t forget to register.

And finally, we’d like to present Capital FM’s “Guess the Advent Star”. Each day at 6am on Capital Breakfast, listeners have been shown a new Capital star, carefully obscured with festive items such as a giant snow ball or Christmas cracker.  The audience are invited to guess who the star is hidden in the picture, with an additional text clue in the caption. Then from 4pm on Capital Drive the artist picture is revealed with the answer. Let us know if your station has been broadcasting any special Christmas VIS slides!

Happy Holidays from everyone at RadioDNS.

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