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Germany’s Private Broadcasters Roll Out RadioDNS Nationwide

Caroline Brindle 6th December 2013

After successful extensive testing, Germany’s private radio broadcasters are now preparing to implement Smart Radio nationwide.

Spree radio Germany radio harmony fm RTL 104 6 Germany radio_regenbogenplanet radio Hit Radio FFH

“Smart Radio is RadioDNS with the combination of FM and Internet”, said Klaus Schunk, Chairman of Audio and Radio Services, VPRT. Mr Schunk went on to say, “Our vision is a multimedia radio that fascinates the listener.”

Combining the power of broadcast with the innovation of the internet, RadioDNS is open technology that makes radio better. It provides the link between what you’re broadcasting over FM, DAB, HD Radio (or other broadcast platforms), and what you can also provide over an Internet connection.

The test phase, first announced at Medientage Munich, allowed the broadcasters to test RadioDNS services first, and create the ideal conditions for hybrid radio broadcast. As Karlheinz Hörhammer, CEO of Antenne Bayern and ROCK ANTENNA said, “The much-asked chicken and egg question for device innovation has now been solved.”

VPRT, the German Association of Commercial Broadcasters and Audiovisual Services, is calling for manufacturers and the car industry to bring Smart Radio to devices by supporting and implementing RadioDNS.

Stations implementing Smart Radio with RadioDNS include Antenne Thuringia, radio TOP 40,  HIT RADIO FFH, planet radio, harmony.fm, RTL 104.6, 105’5 Spree Radio, and Radio Regenbogen. This brings the total number of listeners receiving RadioDNS in Germany to 46.8m daily.

There will be more information on Germany’s innovations with RadioDNS at our General Assembly in February 2014.








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