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Vizion’R – our latest solution provider

Caroline Brindle 7th November 2013

RadioDNS technology is designed to be as easy as possible to implement. There are open-source software libraries and testing tools on our website to help broadcasters get started with RadioDNS, as well as our busy developer community.

          VizionR2           VizionR1

There’s also a list of software solution providers that are producing some great RadioDNS-enabled services here.

One of the latest companies to produce software with RadioDNS technology is Vizion’R. For several years,  they have been supporting radio and television content providers in the transition from television to interactive television, and from radio to visual radio.

Recently, Vizion’R has developed solutions around the RadioVIS protocol. For example, Radio France is using Vizion’R’s RVS solution to produce a RadioVIS output for France Inter. RVS (Radio Vizion Studio) allows radios to create low bitrate video streams at the same time and integrate external data sources – and all of this is done in a WYSIWYG editor.

A specific product has also been developed to create video streams suitable for Mobile, Tablets, TVs – including satellite/cable streams, YouTube – and even include HbbTV content for Smart TVs, all from a RadioVIS input.

A light version of this software tool is available for trial, and can be downloaded from the Vizion’R website. The RadioVIS stream can then be output to TV or media players such as VLC.

In the digital television field, Vizion’R provides software solutions to produce, publish and analyze visual and interactive services based on HbbTV standard. Vizion’R offers two turnkey solutions ready to be installed on any operating systems: Pandora, and Unyssea. See here for more information.

We’re really happy our technology is being used by such a great company as Vizion’R. For more information, or to contact them, click here.

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