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RadioEPG XSI Tool Development Opportunity

Nick Piggott 5th November 2013

RadioEPG is our standard that lets broadcasters provide devices with information about their radio stations, including straplines, logos and streaming URLs (to allow switching between broadcast and streaming).

All that useful information is contained in a single file, called the XSI file.

Many manufacturers are asking us for more radio stations to provide this information, so that they can build better and more visual user interfaces to radio.

So we can make it much easier for radio stations to make XSI files, we want to pay someone to build a tool that can live on our website that will walk through people through creating (or amending) an XSI file for their station.

This document explains in more detail what we need this tool to do, and how to contact us if you’re interested in doing the work. The closing date is 26th November 2013.

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