RadioEPG v1.1

Caroline Brindle 25th October 2013

This post refers to an superceded version of the RadioEPG specification.
The latest specification is TS 102 818 v3.1.1, available on the Documentation page

The RadioEPG Working Team are pleased to announce version 1.1 of the RadioEPG specification.

This document has a number of significant changes, both as a result of new ideas within the group, and also as a result of the work done with the IMDA. Functionality from the IMDA specification has been added, as well as a number of clarifications and extra guidance.

In particular, the following changes have been made:

Enhanced identification of a Service Provider

  • Ability to attach geographical information to a Service Provider, Service Group, or Service
  • Mandatory Logo Sizes (as a superset of the changes proposed in the DAB EPG XML Specification)
  • Explicit mandatory elements for a Service (names, description and genre)
  • Explicit guidance for usage and treatment of Linked Content, in order to facilitate linking to external content, On-Demand Content, Identities (e.g. RSS feeds, Service Aggregator pages)
  • Relaxation of the URL in the link element in order to allow a generic URI format.

You can see the updated specification here. Thanks to all the RadioEPG Working Team for their contribution.