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8th RadioDNS General Assembly and Conference

Caroline Brindle 14th January 2014

The 8th RadioDNS General Assembly will be held on 11th February, at the EBU in Geneva.

General Assembly 2014

RadioDNS Members – you will be asked to approve the minutes from previous General Assemblies and Steering Board meetings. Please see here for links to documents.

As international focus on hybrid radio grows, and only seems set to increase throughout 2014, we’ve been seeing more broadcasters using RadioDNS services, more manufacturers supporting the technology, and more tests and trials around the world.

We want to bring together all of these elements throughout 2014, and show how hybrid can make your radio better. For our General Assembly 2014, we want to create an international showcase of hybrid radio. We’ll be demonstrating the latest technology innovations, along with unique case studies from broadcasters and service providers in Europe, America, Australia and Asia-Pacific.

We’ll also have presentations on how to make the most of hybrid radio in the home, in the car, and on your phone.

If you’re a member of RadioDNS, join us before lunch for the business section first. There’s a draft agenda in progress here.
The General Assembly is open to anyone, and please join us for networking drinks afterwards.
To register, click here.

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