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RadioDNS Ninth General Assembly

Caroline Brindle 14th January 2015

Our Ninth RadioDNS General Assembly will be held on 10th February, at the European Broadcasting Union in Geneva, Switzerland.

This year’s General Assembly will be in two parts:

  • The morning session (10:00 – 13:00) will be for RadioDNS Members only, and will discuss the strategic direction of RadioDNS and our plans for 2015
  • The afternoon session (14:00 – 17:00) will be open to everyone interested in the development of Hybrid Radio, and our progress integrating with tabletop, automotive and smartphone radio devices.

From 14:00 we’ll be looking back on the notable successes for Hybrid Radio in 2014, and more importantly, looking at the exciting new projects we have for 2015. Join us to hear more on:

  • Project Logo – All hybrid radio devices need meta-data from radio stations to work correctly; without meta-data they’re as dumb as a disconnected device. We’re going to be working with broadcaster organisations (like UK Radioplayer and similar projects in our countries) to publish meta-data for thousands of stations during 2015.
  • RadioDNS Test and Demonstration Platform – Manufacturers will be able to automate device testing, and broadcasters/service providers will be able to verify that their platforms are outputting content correctly too.
  • New Technical Standards
    • RadioTAG, a technical standard defining interactivity for radio combines a simple ‘one-button-push’ interaction that’s ideal for driving/working/walking with a powerful ‘single-sign-on’ function that allows users to link all their radio devices together to get a unified view of everything they’ve found interesting on the radio
    • RadioWEB will allow broadcasters to use powerful web technologies to create state-of-the-art user experiences, giving listeners a way to switch instantly from passive to active engagement in a fully station-branded environment.

Registration is required to attend. Please fill out this form to ensure your registration is confirmed.

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