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RadioDNS published as ETSI Standard

Nick Piggott 19th January 2015

The publication of the RadioDNS Lookup Specification by ETSI represents another milestone in establishing an open and interoperable ecosystem for hybrid radio globally.

Our specification for using DNS to link broadcast radio services with IP delivered services is the foundation of all our applications. The specification has existed since 2008, and is already implemented by broadcasters and manufacturers globally, and has proven to be a robust and reliable technical solution.

ETSI’s publication of our specification as one of their technical standards (TS 103 270), alongside other established standards such as DAB Digital Radio and DVB, marks a milestone in creating an open and interoperable approach to hybrid radio at a global level.

Getting to this point has been an important goal for us. We know that many manufacturers see ETSI standards as a guarantee of accuracy, reliability and longevity, and it removes objections to integrating hybrid radio into products that are expected to work correctly for years or even decades.

In the coming months, the functionality of RadioVIS and RadioEPG will also be integrated into ETSI standards, meaning we can provide a complete chain of functionality endorsed by one of the most respected global technical standards bodies.

We’ll be talking more about the move of our standards into ETSI, and our other 2015 activities, at our Ninth General Assembly (10th February 2015). Find out more, and register to attend for free.

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