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RadioDNS Keynote Speech at the AER Conference 2015

Caroline Brindle 24th February 2015

The Association of European Radios (AER) is a Europe-wide trade body representing the interests of over 4,500 private/commercial radio stations across the EU28 and in Switzerland.

AER’s first objective is to develop the most suitable framework for private commercial radio activity, which means that AER constantly monitors and contributes to EU actions in the fields of media, telecommunications and private radio transmission. Secondly, AER promotes the use of new technologies in radio – which is where RadioDNS comes in.

Today AER is holding its annual Conference, around the theme of radio and convergence. Nick will be presenting as a keynote speaker to the conference delegates, including commercial radio station representatives, MEP’s and members of the European Commission.

For any further information about AER, please contact them vis email here.


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