RadioDNS launches in Spain

Caroline Brindle 14th May 2015

We’re really pleased to announce that  Spain has become the latest country to launch RadioDNS Hybrid Radio services.

COPE (Cadena de Ondas Populares Españolas), the commercial Spanish radio network, have been pioneers of RadioDNS Hybrid Radio in their country.

Isaac Moreno, the Technical Director of COPE, says “The Hybrid Radio model, by the simplicity of its implementation and by the limited associated costs, can be called on to become a solid bulwark in the near future, which can continue supporting the broadcaster to enter with full rights in the digital world without losing the essence and qualities they have gained over the years”.

On FM, La Cadena COPE is providinng RadioDNS Hybrid Radio services for COPE, CADENA 100, ROCK FM and MEGASTAR.

COPE, CADENA and ROCK FM will also provide RadioDNS Hybrid Services for DAB Digital Radio.



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