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Audi and iHeart collaborate on RadioDNS in the USA

Nick Piggott 18th September 2020

We bring people together to collaborate on creating great new experiences of radio in the dashboard using our standards.

Audi and iHeart have both supported RadioDNS since its inception. iHeart were represented on the group that formed RadioDNS, and created the first RadioDNS entries for North America. Audi was the first manufacturer to first prototype and then deliver production vehicles using RadioDNS in Europe. During 2019, Audi undertook field testing in the USA to verify RadioDNS was working correctly, and iHeart provided a number of the services involved in those tests.

So we’re pleased to see them formally announce their collaboration in the USA. It means that when the first RadioDNS -enabled Audi vehicles hit dealerships in a few days, iHeart’s stations will be fully represented.

Along with the NAB, we’re helping our other US-based members (Beasley, Entercom, Cumulus, NPR) get more of their stations live. As RadioDNS standards are open to be used by anyone, other US broadcasters can participate without being members of RadioDNS, just by producing their station information in the right format. This NAB tutorial can help, as well as our own documentation.

RadioDNS is free, if you would like to be more involved and play a part in advancing hybrid radio in America, or anywhere in the world, become a member of our organisation, you can find out member benefits and how you become a member here.

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