Automotive Workshop XI

Rosie Kendrick 18th February 2022

The Automotive Workshops are organised by RadioDNS and WorldDAB, and provide the automotive industry, broadcasters and service providers a place to solve problems and ambiguities in current implementations of broadcast and hybrid radio in vehicles.

The workshops are always well attended and we are about to hold our 11th event on Tuesday 1st March. The workshop will be online, and all those working within the relevant industries are welcome. (To keep the discussions focused, we restrict attendance to those people involved with current implementations of broadcast or hybrid radio). Registration closes on Feb 22nd, to find out more information including registration details please go to the Automotive Workshop page.

We encourage attendees to actively participate, with the aim of finding solutions to current implementation problems, identify near-future plans that might cause problems, and identify areas that need more work. Issues that need technical development work can be moved to the RadioDNS Technical Group, in which all RadioDNS members can participate.

The topics for the Automotive Workshops are suggested by the attendees, and there is still time to make a proposal for a topic. Topics currently on the agenda include:

  • New Driver Distraction Guidelines
  • Update to the WorldDAB User Experience Guidelines
  • Voice Control / Voice Assistants
  • Metadata Supply and Use Review

Attending the Automotive Workshops can be informative and helpful, so if you think you have something to add to the discussion, we would love you to register.

Our Automotive Workshops are just one of the many ways we strive to accelerate the growth of hybrid radio globally. If you would like to be the first to know about them, sign up to our mailing list or get in touch with us.

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