Newsletter 31st October 2023

Rosie Kendrick 1st November 2023

Automotive Workshop XV

Join us in-person, in Berlin on 14th November 2023

Next month brings Automotive Workshop XV, which is our first in-person for 3 years.

Although the workshops have created some useful discussions online, we know that better conversations happen in person, therefore there will not be an option to join remotely, all attendees must attend in-person.

Automotive Workshop XV will take place in Berlin on 14th November, if you haven’t registered yet, you can find all the details here, we will let you know by the end of this week if your registration is successful.

The draft agenda includes:

  • Station List Ordering
  • Regional Variations of Stations
  • Delivering large numbers of logos over the air
  • Removing old logos
  • Controlling access to metadata
  • Controlling access to streams
  • Visual content
  • Switching to Broadcaster Provided Apps
  • Personalised radio functionality

We hope to see you in Berlin on 14th November.

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