Newsletter 3rd October 2023

Rosie Kendrick 1st November 2023

Facilitating Dialog(ue) and Education

Part of our role within the ecosystem is to educate and inform. We do this by being available to answer questions as well as appearing at events around the world. We also organise Automotive Workshops several times a year, to open dialogue between manufacturers and broadcasters and attended by many interested parties across the board.

This year we are moving back to in-person workshops, details below.


Many times, the problems we see are caused by a lack of understanding and communication between and within organisations. You’re receiving this email because you’re already connected into RadioDNS, and have access to our information, our advice, and activities like the Technical Groups and the Automotive Workshops. But do you have colleagues who could also benefit from education about the current state of radio, audio and connected devices? We welcome our member organisations to get more colleagues involved with our work, either by receiving information from us, setting up briefing sessions, or attending meetings.

Our next Automotive Workshop, organised with WorldDAB, is on 14th November in Berlin at 14:30 CET, if you would like to join us, this is an in-person event and you can register to attend here.

We’re particularly keen to include people who might not otherwise get involved with our work. You’re welcome (and encouraged) to bring more than one person to meetings – maybe your nominated “RadioDNS” person (you?) and someone else from your organisation. Both they and us might get new insights and new information.

If you are in Berlin for AutoTech: Europe, then please come to see us, or arrange a time we could meet up. If not, then we are always happy to answer questions and have members packs already created for you to promote the use of RadioDNS standards to your organisation.

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