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RadioDNS 18th General Assembly

Rosie Kendrick 21st February 2024

This week (Tuesday), we held our 18th General Assembly, which is our annual meeting where we update our members on our achievements over the past year and our plans for the coming year. Members vote to approve our activity from the past year and our proposals for the future.

We were able to talk today about the work we have been doing on the “FQDN List”, providing a route for IP devices that don’t have a broadcast radio use our standards. We also reviewed the events we have attended as well as those that Project Director Nick Piggott has spoken at over the past year. We detailed the work the Technical Group has been doing such as tagging and analytics, listener login and hybrid radio lookup, collaborative work we have done such as the automotive user experience guidelines and driver distraction work done with WorldDAB. Members also received an update on operations from Andy Buckingham, as well as Nick Piggott telling us about country coverage.

2024 is already looking very busy: we are already booked in to exhibit or speak at several events; the FQDN list is almost ready to be launched and we will be sending the document to members for review before we launch this; and the update from the technical group from Ben Poor detailed how productive they will continue to be in enhancing our standards.

If you would like to see the minutes from our 18th General Assembly, they will be available to read here soon and if you have any questions, please do get in touch.

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