2015 Ninth General Assembly Nominations

Caroline Brindle 15th January 2015

Nominations for Chair, Secretary and Steering Board Members

The Chair, Secretary and Steering Board of RadioDNS will be elected at the Ninth General Assembly, and will serve through until March 2017. Members can nominate people to be elected to each of these roles – the nominees do not have to be members (or work for the nominating company) themselves. You can nominate yourself.

Nominations close on 6th February 2015 at 16:00 UTC.


The Chair is responsible for the corporate governance of RadioDNS, making sure that the Steering Board meets at appropriate intervals, conducts itself properly, and is accountable to the Members. The Chair also manages the Project Office, and directs the Project Office Co-ordinator, and attends events on behalf of RadioDNS. This role requires approximately 20 hours per month of time.

Nominations for Chair

The following nominations have been received for the Chair

Name Organisation Nominated by Supporting statement
Nick Piggott Global Radio Global Radio I would like the opportunity to continue building on RadioDNS’ achievements. I am a dedicated evangelist for Hybrid Radio, and committed to developing an open framework that can be used by radio stations and manufacturers of all sizes. I believe I can lead the organisation effectively, overseeing the operation of the project office, making sure the organisation is following the strategic direction defined by its members, and encouraging our members and contributors to collaborate effectively.


The Secretary supports the Chair and the Project Co-ordinator in the running of the Steering Board, and may attend other events on behalf of RadioDNS. The role requires approximately 10 hours per month of time.

Nominations for Secretary

The following nominations have been received for the Secretary

Name Organisation Nominated by Supporting statement
Mathias Coinchon EBU EBU EBU supports RadioDNS as the standard system for hybrid radio in Europe. I have been part of this process and will continue to do so. I believe there’s still a great work to do to help and assist broadcasters to implement attractive services while promoting the standard to the industry. At EBU we have created a platform and services, with the software as open source, to help broadcasters to start. In addition, we have started to provide visual elements for radio on sport event such as athletics, swimming, ski in partnership with Eurovision. I am dedicated to continue in these activities and will study also the possibilities to promote new RadioDNS applications such as radioTAG and the coming radioWEB.

Steering Board Member

Steering Board Members represent all Members, and use their skill and experience to develop RadioDNS in the direction set by the members. The Steering Board meets 4 times per year, and members have to review and discuss proposals for activities/projects. The roles requires approximately 15 hours per year.

Nominations for Steering Board Members

The following nominations have been received for the Steering Board

Name Organisation Nominated by Supporting statement
Kath Brown CRA CRA Commercial Radio Australia is a foundation steering board member of RadioDNS, helping to steer its direction and development to achieve the success it has today.  It is now time to promote RadioDNS to broadcasters, module makers and device manufacturers around the world. Kath is well placed to actively contribute to this  effort, with regular close contact with international bodies and broadcasters across Australia and the Asia Pacific.
Floris Daelemans VRT VRT The near future of radio is hybrid, plain and simple. To thrive in a digital age with all its challenges and opportunities radio must embrace the internet as a powerful ally. At VRT RadioDNS enables us to build new experiences for our radio audience, and moving forward the possibilities of hybrid only look more promising.
John Farrell Frontier Silicon Frontier Silicon Frontier Silicon would like to nominate John Farrell for re-election to the RadioDNS steering board for a third term. Frontier Silicon is a strong proponent of hybrid radio. It has been a leading supplier of broadcast radio receiver technology for over 12 years and hybrid receiver technology for over 7 years. Frontier Silicon has supported RadioDNS in its products since 2010. It leads the RadioVIS Application Team and supports RadioVIS on its Venice 8 colour touch radio platform and in its Android and iOS apps. Along with BBC R&D and Global Radio, it was an active member of the RadioTAG Application Team which developed the RadioTAG specification and continues to support the development of RadioTAG through its involvement in the EBU Cross Platform Authentication project. John Farrell is Vice President of Engineering for Frontier Silicon’s Cambridge R&D Centre and has led its receiver development for 12 years. He has a strong technical background in both broadcast and IP technologies and a pragmatic business sense about how to make things happen. He is a member of the WorldDMB Technical Committee and has been an active member of the RadioDNS steering board for the last 3 years. Frontier Silicon believes that RadioDNS is central to the future of hybrid radio technology. If re-elected John would continue to be a strong and active participant of the RadioDNS steering board.
Laurent Finet RTBF RTBF Laurent is one of the directors of Radio DNS for 2 years.
Passionate for radio and new Technology, Laurent Finet works for a long time in making radio (programs and the media) close to the public, in content and technology. Big fan of RadioDns from the beginning of the project, he is convinced that Digital Terrestrial Broascasting (DAB, DAB+, FM-HD, etc) linked with RadioDNS, Radioplayer and the smartphone initiative is the key solution for radio in a near future, at a local and an international level.
Walter Huijten NPO NPO – 2 years experience as a RadioDNS board member; – track record in advancing RadioDNS at policy and practical -levels; – active in EBU digital Radio Platform and other relevant workgroups; – good contact base in the digital radio world
Nick Jurascheck Silver Lining Consultants Imagination Technology Nick has been a Steering Board member since the foundation of RadioDNS. He has extensive experience of the radio industry, having worked for Imagination Technologies / Pure for over twenty years up to 2014. PURE is the market leader in digital and connected radio, with a track record of developing successful and ground-breaking products, and has been instrumental in growing the market for digital radio both in the UK and abroad. Nick has been involved in DAB product development since 1999, working in close co-operation with national commercial radio network Digital One, public broadcasters and other content providers.Nick is now working as a software consultant in radio, current projects include work on hybrid radio and automotive DAB. He was also a member of the WorldDAB Technical Committee for many years, up to 2014.
Lindsey Mack BBC BBC Nomination withdrawn
Sean O’Halpin BBC BBC Sean has led the BBC’s technical work on RadioDNS for some time. He has driven through live services using RadioDNS inside the BBC, works will receiver manufacturers on new features, and has been involved in standardisation processes. He manages a team of engineers working on hybrid receivers amongst many other services, and is used to working on technical projects spanning multiple organisations and timezones. He is comfortable with commercial and business requirements. He will be an asset to RadioDNS and help drive innovation and takeup.
Skip Pizzi NAB NAB Skip Pizzi has been engaged with the RadioDNS organization since its earliest days, and continues to evangelize its standards and related efforts, primarily in the USA. He has served several terms on the Steering Board, and provides additional assistance on specific issues to the organization’s management as needed. He represents the interests and reports the preferences of NAB radio members and the US radio industry at large (some 16,000+ stations) to the RadioDNS Steering Board, providing an important component of international guidance to the organization. Skip looks forward to the opportunity to further support RadioDNS deployments and broaden the organization’s influence on emergence of hybrid radio worldwide.
Michael Reichert ARD ARD Michael is an expert in digital radio since many years. He is currently responsible for the whole marketing of public digital radio in Germany, which follows a hybrid approach.

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