Automotive and Broadcaster Workshop 2016

Nick Piggott 2nd June 2016

Our first workshop brought together automotive manufacturers and broadcasters to discuss hybrid radio in the car

5th July 2016, hosted by the European Broadcasting Union in Geneva, Switzerland

RadioDNS brought together automotive manufacturers and broadcasters from around the world in a one day event to examine ten themes crucial to the future experience of radio in the car. In a unique format, the day was an open discussion of each issue in detail, looking to find a consensus view on how to remove obstacles and accelerate development.

The ten themes reflected the discussions that RadioDNS has most often between broadcasters and manufacturers looking to keep radio prominent and relevant in the car. As the driving experience becomes more sophisticated and more influenced by technology, these issues reflect the growing demand from the automotive industry to deliver similar innovations for radio.

On-Demand Video

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Theme 1 – Fair Use Policies

What constitutes fair use of a broadcaster’s assets and meta-data by a manufacturer? How is this communicated in an hybrid system that has no centralised control?

Theme 2 – Recommended Listening

Manufacturers want to make better listening recommendations to their drivers. What data and services do they need to do that, and is it a good thing for broadcasters?

Theme 3 –  Which data source is best?

Meta-data can come from multiple sources. Should broadcasters make sure the data from them is consistent, and in which order should manufacturers refer to them in?

Theme 4 – Proprietary Systems v Open Systems

Why are manufacturers attracted to proprietary systems for solving their problems, and why are broadcasters wary of them?

Theme 5 – Real-time Content

What content should broadcasters produce and how should manufacturers show it to drivers? How can content reflect what’s on-air, including editorial and commercial messages?

Theme 6 –  Capturing Interactivity

How can a driver safely interact with radio services? What data-sharing has to happen between manufacturer and broadcaster to meet driver expectations of accuracy and usefulness?

Theme 7 – Navigating the radio dial

What are the differing views on how drivers should find radio stations, and what meta-data is required to power different navigation models?

Theme 8 – Accessing On-Demand and Non-Broadcast content

What happens when broadcasters provide access to all their on-demand and live streaming content? How is it all presented to and navigated by the driver?

Theme 9 – Programme Information

How important is programme information to drivers, and what makes it useful? If a radio station doesn’t have “programmes”, should it be expected to provide “programme information”?

Theme 10 –  Switching to Streaming

How can broadcasters help manufacturers enable a good quality experience when switching between broadcast and streaming? What are the barriers to making this work?


You can download the Theme Backgrounds and Conclusions document.


You can attend this workshop in person at the EBU in Geneva, or via video conferencing from your web browser.

Registration for non-members to attend in person at the EBU will cost €50 to cover catering costs.

RadioDNS Member Benefits

RadioDNS members get advanced access to reserve a place at this workshop, free attendance (for up to two people), and can request to participate in the panels for each of the ten themes.

You’ll receive your advanced access details by email, but if you haven’t had them yet, contact the project office.

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