2016 Tenth General Assembly – Members’ Session

Caroline Brindle 16th January 2016

The Members’ Session will be private and invitation only.

You can attend by conference (web-browser or telephone (code 850-610-2145)), or in person. The meeting will start at 09:00 UTC / 10:00 CET, and will be in the Gothard Room at the EBU.

The format will be a round-table meeting, and you’re all invited equally to discuss and contribute; the papers and presentations here are for information and discussion.


  1. Welcome
  2. Formal Business
  1. Elections
  • Election of the Chair
    • Nominee: Mathias Coinchon (Senior Project Manager, EBU)
  • Election of the Secretary (if required)
    • Nominee: Floris Daelemans (Innovation Researcher, VRT)
  • Election of Board Member (one position, if required)
    • Nominee: Travis Baxter (Content and Strategy Director, Bauer Media)
    • Nominee: Joe D’Angelo (Senior Vice President, Broadcast and Marketing, HD Radio Technology | DTS, Inc)
    • Nominee: Alexander Erk (Senior Engineer, IRT)
  1. 2015 Review and discussion
  2. 2016 Plan and discussion
  3. Any Other Business

The agenda is linked to via Google docs here.

Voting and Proxy Voting

This is the ballot paper for voting. You can complete this in advance (in which case the Chair will cast your vote as your proxy) or you can complete it at the meeting. You can use this form multiple times – you don’t have to cast all your votes in one submission.

You must provide your authentication code when completing the ballot paper, which will be emailed to you by the Project Office in advance.

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