2009 First General Assembly

Caroline Brindle 2nd July 2014

Invitation to RadioDNS First General Assembly
10 November; 1400h – 1700h CET, Geneva

Last month, the RadioDNS project communicated our intention to move towards a formal structure of the RadioDNS project.

This meeting will elect a group to set up the statutes for RadioDNS. We are recommending that those people who have already put their names forward for the Steering Team put their names forward for this Statutes Drafting team. The Statutes Drafting team, who will have access to advice, will bring their work back to a General Meeting for ratification and formalisation in January 2010.

This is an important meeting. It creates the trust model for RadioDNS – a technology which is already powering various software and hardware solutions – and will also determine how the service is to be provided in an ongoing basis, and how it will be promoted. We appreciate the late notice, but would very much appreciate your attendance.

The Minutes of the Meeting are here.

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