A revolutionary development for radio in the connected car

The New Audi A8 with RadioDNS Hybrid Radio® creates an amazing experience of broadcast radio.

Brand new and enhanced functionality is available to all broadcast radio stations, powered by the open technology standards of RadioDNS.

Launched initially in the new Audi A8 in Europe in Autumn 2017, RadioDNS functionality will be available over time in other Audi models and other regions, and in Porsche and VW cars. We’re working with other car manufacturers globally to integrate RadioDNS into their vehicles.

New and Enhanced Features

Automatic Switching between Broadcast Radio and Streaming

When the broadcast signal is weak, the radio switches from broadcast reception to streaming and seamlessly back again when the broadcast signal improves.

Continuous listening even if broadcast coverage is not contiguous.

Universal Station Preset

Recalling a station preset will start streaming automatically if the station can’t be found on broadcast.

Listen to favourite stations, even out of area.

Improved Station Navigation with accurate Station Logos

The single station list shows the full station name and accurate station logo, and chooses the best way to receive the station.

No need to switch between analogue, digital or streaming radio.

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