Using RadioDNS in Connected Cars

Using RadioDNS is free as we’re a not-for-profit organisation. When we say “free”, we mean without licences, licence fees or patent fees*. All you have to do implement the technology, or use a technology provider to implement it for you.

What does RadioDNS provide?

RadioDNS does not provide any metadata or content directly. We provide a lookup service to locate broadcasters, and a set of open-standards for metadata, content and interactivity.

The simple three steps are:

We don’t create a single point of failure, and we don’t intermediate, control or supervise the connections with radio stations.

Why use RadioDNS?

RadioDNS is durable, interoperable and reliable. Our open standards are the ideal choice for an automotive environment

How do I start using RadioDNS?

RadioDNS is here to support you. Contact our Project Office, and we can advise you how to start working with RadioDNS.

Using Technology Providers

We recommend talking to our partners about technology provision. We run a certification process to validate that technology solutions are compliant to our standards, and we recommend checking with the Project Office before committing to a solution.

RadioDNS Membership

You don’t have to be a member of RadioDNS to use our standards, but automotive manufacturers join RadioDNS for these benefits:

Membership of RadioDNS is GBP3,000 per year. Ask the Project Office for more information.

Further Information

To find out more, contact the Project Office. You can also look in our Media Library for presentations, and on our YouTube channel for demonstrations and presentation.


* RadioDNS is not aware of any patents applicable to our published methods or standards, and has a strict IPR policy in place to avoid patented technology being incorporated into our standards.