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Open meta-data for the next generation of broadcast radio user interfaces

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Project Logo brings together broadcasters and manufacturers to make a better user interface to broadcast radio.

We’re focused on improving broadcast radio in the car, but Project Logo can make radio better in any kind of device, including smartphones with integrated FM functionality.

Consultation of Standard Terms of Use

We’re consulting on our proposed Standard Terms of Use for Broadcaster Metadata, which intends to create a common understanding of how to use metadata acquired using RadioDNS.

Download the consultation document here, in Microsoft Word format or as an  Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file..

Consultation responses must be received by 12th April 2019.

The Standard Terms of Use were created after a prior consultation, which created the Guidelines on Provision of Station Logos to Automotive Receivers – February 2018 (Published in conjunction with WorldDAB)

Guided Walkthroughs

Just want to get straight to finding the station logos? Then follow our step-by-step walkthrough. Then read the documentation.

Broadcasters: How to Implement Project Logo in Just 4 Steps

Country Coverage

The latest information on countries and broadcasters providing Project Logo meta-data

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