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Open meta-data for the next generation of broadcast radio user interfaces

More About Project Logo

Great user interfaces are intuitive and visually appealing, but to create them manufacturers need quality meta-data and graphical assets from broadcasters.

Project Logo uses the RadioDNS Service & Programme Information standard to provide a common way for broadcasters to provide manufacturers with meta-data, in an open and interoperable way, just like radio itself.

Even relatively simple meta-data can really improve a user interface.

I’m a broadcaster – why should my stations be in Project Logo?

To help your listeners find you more easily.
It’s a very small amount of work to make a big difference for your listeners when they’re looking for your station. Our target is to have the biggest broadcasters in each country producing Project Logo meta-data, so that manufacturers can confidently design new user interfaces that will work worldwide.

I’m a manufacturer – why should I implement Project Logo in my device?

To make broadcast radio more attractive to use.
You can design a user interface / HMI to broadcast radio that matches the look and feel of other media sources, and is differentiated from your competitors. It could reduce the number of people using streaming to listen to broadcast radio station, with the complaints and disappointments that can create. As more manufacturers support Project Logo, broadcasters can justify investing more in other hybrid radio services.

How Does It Work?

The radio receiver uses RadioDNS Hybrid Radio to connect over the Internet back to your radio station. You can read more about the detail of how that works. The radio needs an internet connection, either directly via WiFi or a mobile network, or indirectly by pairing (using Bluetooth) to a smartphone.

What does Project Logo do?

Project Logo sets the minimum meta-data that will be provided by broadcasters for manufacturers to use. It’s the very first steps, that are easy for most broadcasters and manufacturers to do at low cost. You can see exactly what the meta-data is here.

Once Project Logo is established, we expect broadcasters and manufacturers will feel more confident to offer lots more hybrid functionality – like visuals, programme information and interactivity. Some broadcasters and manufacturers do that already, so they’re ahead of the game.

Who’s involved?

Project Logo is a RadioDNS-led initiative, but we’re being supported by other organisations – European Broadcasting Union, Association of European Radios, WorldDMB, Radioplayer.

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